Spin magazine is produced by the students and staff members of the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity with the aim of showcasing the CRI research projects and sharing our community’s interest for science, education and innovation with a diverse and large audience.
Our research mostly deals with serious games, teaching through research, synthetic biology and the open lab movement, but we are interested in anything that deals with interdisciplinary science, changing the way we teach and learn, collaborative thinking, innovation & social entrepreneurship.
When writing our articles, we try to pay a particular attention to interdisciplinarity, gender equity, popularisation and open-mindedness.

Spin’s missions:
• Highlight exciting initiatives, research or project in an accessible and consistent way.
• Promote the Open FIESTA philosophy: open faculty, open innovation, open education, -open science, open technology and open art.
• Break down barriers between disciplines, science and society, teachers and learners
• Make scientific and technologic concepts and tools more accessible.
• Give the possibility to everyone to write and be published.


Cri paris

The Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity was founded in Paris in 2005 as a convivial place at the crossroad of life sciences and exact, natural, cognitive, and social sciences. The CRI offers three interdisciplinary degree programs based on synthetic biology and conducts national and international projects and programs that promote innovative educational techniques. These activities range from the first French synthetic biology team (iGEM Paris Bettencourt, for the MIT-sponsored iGEM the new Institute for Learning Through Research and the Citizen Cyberlab European Consortium,to the knowledge adventures for kids /Savanturiers, or the innovative MOOC factory.

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