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The concepts behind Citizen Science

Cindy Regalado is a doctoral candidate in the Extreme Citizen Science research group (ExCiteS) at University College London. The team develops guiding theories, tools and methodologies that will enable any community to start a Citizen Science project to deal with issues that concern them. Cindy is also committed to citizen science through Citizens whithout Borders, a group based in London committed to creating spaces that aim to empower the public in practical, experimental and philosophical ways.

During NightScience, the CRI conference dedicated to equitable access to scientific research and education, she emphasized the importance of communicative spaces and critical making in Citizen Science activites.

Written by Margaux Calon

Margaux graduated in History of Innovation at Paris IV-La Sorbonne and defended a master research thesis on “Science popularisation in the press for children, 1830 – 1930”. She travelled around the world of science communication as an intern for a year before entering a MSC Science Communication at Imperial College London. She’s now a community manager and science communication officer at the CRI.

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